Extraordinary Women București 2020: Mai1 min

05/04/2019 < 1 min read

Extraordinary Women București 2020: Mai1 min

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Meet the workplace warriors who defy stereotypes and change the world.
Leaders, Role Models, CEOs, Innovators, Artists, Entrepreneurs, Mothers, Warriors, Activists. They are working wonders in the office, at home and in society. They are admired and should be followed.

Biz offers you a unique opportunity: we invite EXTRAORDINARY WOMEN to rock the stage and share their stories and top insights, in order to help other female leaders like yourself to explore and find your path.

We connect women in Romania and offer them the perfect environment for empowerment and networking opportunities. The speakers’ line-up includes iconic female figures and dynamic ladies well known in their fields. We will bring together like minded women to discuss about the challenges and obstacles that very often stand in the way of success, but also about creative new ways on how to overcome them.

Refresh your mindset, redefine your purpose and redesign your life.

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