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How Did a Galaxy S10 Get Into Space?

ian. 7, 2020 2 min

How Did a Galaxy S10 Get Into Space?

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A special mission into the stratosphere to make receiving large-scale selfies transmitted into space possible.  This is the idea on which one of the biggest and most innovative Samsung marketing campaigns ever was based, as coordinated by Benjamin Braun, Samsung Europe Chief Marketing Officer.

On his first campaign for Samsung, the brand for which he started working at the beginning of 2019, Benjamin Braun, Samsung Europe Chief Marketing Officer, made his debut with #SpaceSelfie, a grandiose project to match the celebratory moment. On its 50th anniversary, the Korean company decided to launch a campaign which was not only a first in the brand’s history, but also surpassed the conventions and space borders.

With the #SpaceSelfie campaign, thousands of people sent funny selfies into the stratosphere, without any direct filter. In order to make this project possible, scientists, application developers were involved, and a balloon half the size of a basketball court was used. With the help of the Flightline Films aerospace company, Samsung launched a Galaxy S10 5G into the stratosphere. To be more specific, a 10.5 x 18 metre balloon was launched from South Dakota, transporting special equipment, including an sS10 5G smartphone, at approximately 20,000 metres in altitude. To fulfil the #SpaceSelfie mission, two dedicated applications were developed: one devised for sending out and receiving selfies to Mission Control and the equipment launched into space, the latter especially devised for Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. The secondary application would have the basic application send the image back to Earth, from where it would be directly sent to the user, who could then share it on social media.

“The whole project was completed in only five months – the time It took from idea to Implementation”, says Benjamin Braun. On the other hand, speed Is not atypical of a Korean brand, or South Korea in general, a country where everything happens in fast forward, which has fantastically caught up economically in only a few decades. „We are the greatest producers of television sets and phones in the world. For 50 years, we have experienced extraordinary things on our bigger and smaller screens, i,.e. TV sets and  telephone screens, respectively. Therefore, we needed to think of an innovative way to celebrate this. We were wondering what we could do to use the Samsung S5 phone, which was already prepared for a space travel. We needed no technical adjustment to complete this project”, reveals Braun from the campaign backstage.

The #SpaceSelfie campaign, with British actress and supermodel Cara Delevingne as ambassador, who used a Galaxy S10 to take the first selfie to be sent into space, was an entirely digital campaign, without entailing any TV or outdoor advertising components.  At some level, the campaign furthers a five-year old initiative, when the most famous selfie of all times was taken. At the 2014 Oscars, TV producer Ellen DeGeneres and other Hollywood stars took a Samsung Galaxy Note3 selfie that would travel around the world. Five years later, relying on technology, Samsung decided to take the story farther into the stratosphere, with the involvement of model and actress Cara Delevingne, who used a Galaxy S10 to take the first selfie to be sent into space.

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