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Jamshid Alamuti: this crisis is giving us a really good opportunity for a better future

13/04/2020 4 min read

Jamshid Alamuti: this crisis is giving us a really good opportunity for a better future

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An expert in strategy development with a multidisciplinary background, Jamshid Alamuti sees the current crisis as an opportunity for a better future because there are lessons to be learnt and many opportunities ahead of us.

Alamuti lives now in Berlin and he is Co-Founder & Advisory Board Member of Pi School (Italy), a next-generation model of education that combines technology and creativity and applies them to innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership.  He is known as an expert in strategy development and implementation, C-suite advisory, leadership program development, communication strategy, major group moderation, team building concepts, team-leading methods, vision realization, designing and leading transformation and developing talents for organizations. He is a disrupter, a catalyst, and a creative leader. A born communicator, Alamuti has a multifaceted nature and a special ability to bring people together. He has been developing consultancy services, curating and delivering talks and workshops all around the world, empowering entrepreneurs and companies that want to integrate innovation and technology into their corporate identity and inspiring professionals to further challenge and develop themselves.

How are you getting through these times of turmoil?

Besides the fact that this pandemic crisis is costing lives and has caused a unique global financial crisis to come, I somehow see the current situation as a blessing. It is accelerating the transformation the world needed. We have time for our families, we have time to generate ideas, to create concepts, to interact with many creative minds on a regular basis. Once you admit and accept where you stand, you can have a great view and see what’s all around you.

What good things life under lockdown has brought in your existence?

Appreciation! Reviewing and understanding of what’s really behind words such as purpose, collaboration, dependency, transformation, fear, sadness. I feel rich! I know much better about what I really need, what I should focus on and how much pro-activity counts.

Can you tell us more about how you implement “AI projects for good” while working remotely?

AI is a beautiful mix of a creative thinking approach to a problem and the brilliance of translating the solution via technical language. Both can be done from anywhere, as long as you have your laptop and Internet. We have been living in a global connected world for years now. Remote working, digital nomads and future working concepts have been there for many years too. The majority of people were resisting it and coronavirus helped it become normality.

When do you expect things to calm down?

Tricky question. The sad answer is this: if we don`t put all our efforts to make sure we lose as little lives as possible due to this pandemic, we will have to wait a long time, could almost go until end of this year. If governments do not manage to deal with the huge financial loss and the economic crash, which they are obviously not capable of dealing with, I am afraid I have to say, there will be people who will go with the trade off: „let’s lose some more lives but keep the financial damages lower, so let’s get back to normality again”, in that case, we are back to where we were before August ends. I promise.

What is your biggest hope right now?

People started to become a lot more human in the past weeks. My hope is they keep a bit of this empathic and emotional journey and their lessons learnt. In this way, we can remain aware of the eco-system we are in, the dependencies, the need for living a conscious life.

What is the first thing you plan to do when the lock-down ends?

I am not sure anything would change for me! It feels to me as I was already on the right track. Well, for sure I want to meet a lot of people, people I am talking to regularly even now. By the way, I need a hug! I won’t run to the next bar and drink like a fish! Or party two nights in a row, and I am sure there are enough people who would be going for this. Well, let’s respect each individual’s desire…

How do you imagine life during the post coronavirus era?

The coronavirus is not changing anything. It is an accelerator. Many things have been revealed and will be speed up, and this also applies to the recovery. No matter how terrible the situation might look like right now, the recovery from all this will be very quick. What will be exciting is the different pace, how many industries will recover and how their strategies will be modified. If we are not totally stupid, this crisis is giving us a really good opportunity for a better future! Let’s see how clever the human being is and how far the current broken systems allow these opportunities to be taken.

How do you think the world in going to heal and recover?

As mentioned, the impact is massive. Aviation, tourism, entertainment industry, gastronomy, sports, events, conferences and festivals, banks with bad loans or any company with a global supplier are among the biggest losers right now. What is happening is that the governments are partially providing financial support from money they actually don’t have. So, we will have empty pockets soon. But again, this time I believe the opportunities are higher than during many other past crises. And, hey, do you remember any crisis where it did not get better afterwards? All will be good. This time, even faster than ever.

So, yes, get ready for a super hard hit that won’t kill us, though. Focus on what your contribution can be to make us stand up again. Think of what opportunity will be there for you. Not in a selfish way! See this thing as a huge box and we all should pay our share into it. Once filled up, we all get something back. What can you throw in? Go for it, focus! 

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