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Ready for a new increase

25 mart. 2021 3 min

Ready for a new increase

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For Maresi Austria, 2020 was a two-digit growth year, due to the powerful position on the local food market that benefited from pandemic change of consumption habits .

Andreas Nentwich, CEO of Maresi Austria, says that at present the company is ready to take over new international brands and help increase presence in Austria and Central and Eastern Europe.

How did Maresi evolve on Austrian market in 2020?

Maresi had a perfect year, recording two digits growth, especially due to the fact that we are the market leader on convenience food sector in Austria and we have a strong position in the distribution area to all the food shops.

What is Maresi’s position on the Austrian market?

As fast mover consumer goods (FMCG) provider, Maresi is a leader in more food categories.

Our portfolio combines proprietary brands with very powerful international partner brands, covering categories such as cooking and convenience area, milk, breakfast products, but also snacks and lifestyle products.

How did the company adapt to the new remote work reality?

We were already familiar with virtual meetings and interactions as a work method since we do not have our own production facilities or logistic fleet, but we partner with many international brands. Our HR strategy already included clear provisions for remote working, so we were perfectly prepared for the current situation.

Which were the main lessons the pandemic taught you?

We have seen how important a good and close relationship with business partners is in a crisis situation. Together, we were able to deal with huge demand increase and provide Austrians necessary daily goods .

How did you adapt the company strategy to the new reality?

We have adapted the assortment of products according to Austrian consumers’ demand evolution. For example, we delivered more products in family pack format for home consumption and less products in the impulse shopping segment for the consumption outside the house.

Which was the impact of the ever-rapid digitalization on the Maresi business?

We already had a clearly defined digital agenda, covering all processes and structures of the company. We will further focus on our retail partners for distribution.

What challenges is the company facing in the new business environment?

We have to adapt our assortments of products to the consumers’ real needs and secure production capacities and the supply chain for this very dynamic field of fast mover consumer goods.

How do you see the company’s evolution in 2021 and further on?

With our business model as broker in the food sector and with a well-coordinated organization we are ready to take over new international brands and help them increase their presence in Austria and Central and Eastern Europe.

Austria, the base of the regional extension

Maresi Austria GmbH is one of the main brand distributors on the Austrian market. They form the international group Maresi Group, together with their subsidiaries in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania. Maresi Austria is a company founded in Austria, in 1949, member of Vivatis Holding and has evolved along the years in a versatile nursery of brands and a solid reliable partner for Austrian retailers. Besides the powerful own brands, such as MARESI, Inzersdorfer and Knabber Nossi, Maresi Austria is a certified foodbroker and also sells known partner brands, such as Twinings, Ovaltine and Santa Maria. The company’s subsidiaries in Central and Eastern Europe distribute international brands, such as Hipp, Iglo, Häagen Dazs, Bertolli, Tabasco, Kikkoman, Bahlsen, Duracell.

SABINE SCHWAIGER, CEO Maresi Austria, Director, Maresi CEE and Export

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